Tutorial 3 - BIO 122 Tutorial 3 (Lecture 3) 1. Which of...

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BIO 122 Tutorial 3 (Lecture 3) 1. Which of these are characteristics of plants? a) multicellular with specialized tissues and organs b) photosynthetic and contains chlorophylls a and b c) protect the developing embryo from dessication d) have an alternation of generations of life cycle e) all of these are correct 2. Which of the following characteristics of plants is absent in their closest relatives, the charophycean algae? a) Chlorophyll b b) Cellulose in cell walls c) Alternation of multicellular generations d) Sexual reproduction e) Formation of a cell plate during cytokinesis 3. Which of the following feature of a land plant protects them form dessication? a) Non-flagellated sperm b) Tracheids and phloem c) Secondary compounds d) Cuticle e) Alternation of generations 4. In bryophytes, sperm usually move from the antheridium to the archegonium by a) swimming b) flying c) insect pollination d) worm pollination e) bird pollination Bio122: Tutorial 3
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5. In the life cycle of a moss, ___________________ cells within a sporangium undergo ___________________ to produce _________________ spores. a) Diploid; meiosis; haploid b) Haploid; mitosis; haploid c) Diploid; mitosis; diploid d) Diploid; mitosis; haploid e) Haploid; meiosis; haploid 6. The following characteristics helped seedless plants to become better adapted to terrestrial living except a) a dominant gametophyte b) vascular tissue c)
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Tutorial 3 - BIO 122 Tutorial 3 (Lecture 3) 1. Which of...

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