paper 4 - Bao-Ngoc Hoang English 1301 29512 Paper 4...

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Bao-Ngoc Hoang English 1301 – 29512 05/01/09 Paper 4: Persuasive paper “Letter to President Roosevelt” The letter to President Roosevelt was written by Leo Szilard and was signed by Albert Einstein, a Noble Prize winner with an international reputation. By using analyses and information, the authors try to convince the President that we are Americans and we should start the atomic program now, otherwise the Germans are going to do it. The scientists want to the government to notice about the nuclear program and they give them some reasons to think about it. In this letter the authors get some predicaments that they are scientists about nuclear physic and they got some problems to find the way to explain the physical phenomenon to the presidents who are nonscientists. Their initial attempt met with failure. So in the second chance he sought help from Einstein with hope that the government would listen to him by co-signing in the second letter. In late 1938, German scientists discovered how to split the uranium atom, releasing nuclear energy. When physicists in the United States learned of this discovery, many feared that Hitler might acquire a frightening new weapon: an atomic bomb. As scientists, Leo Szilard knew how it worked and how it damaged the world so he convinced American government of need to
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paper 4 - Bao-Ngoc Hoang English 1301 29512 Paper 4...

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