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Ebooks - how to improve your memory - The Academic Resource...

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The Academic Resource Center At Wheeling Jesuit University (304) 243-4473 How to Improve your Memory How memory works/ Why we forget Forgetting is normal and necessary. Your brain is bombarded with millions of bits of information every day. All of this information could not possibly be stored, nor is it important enough to remember for any length of time. The mind decides what information is unimportant and immediately disregards it. What your mind remembers is what you need to function. There are strategies to use that will increase your ability to remember important information. Types of Memory Sensory Memory – We are constantly processing information gathered through our senses. Through selective attention , your mind determines what of the huge amount of incoming information is important and ignores the rest. When you concentrate on your professor’s lecture or the discussion that is going on you use selective attention to deem this information important. Although sensory information is only kept in your mind a few seconds, by concentrating on a certain piece of information, you can transfer it to your short-term memory. Short-Term Memory – Information in your short-term memory lasts only about a minute. When you meet someone and they tell you their name, chances are, an hour later, you won’t remember their name. By reciting and rehearsing information like
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Ebooks - how to improve your memory - The Academic Resource...

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