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Group: I. Developed complete mastery of the facts in the case Relevant / critical facts Discarding irrelevant facts Clear picture of the situation Reasonable assumptions 10 points __________ II. Clarify the problem and diagnose its causes Determining the key problems (overall issues rather than details) (e.g. leadership, individual differences, communication, organization design, etc.) Appropriate supporting logic Applying OB theories to understand the causes Details and examples (i.e. if communication is determined to be a problem, outline specifically where things went wrong in the communication process – e.g. encoding) 25 points _________ III. Identify alternative courses of action and assess them Acknowledge several possible solutions (2-3 options) Identifying pros and cons for each option
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Unformatted text preview: √ Application of OB theories and terminology (not just stated) √ Each option helps to solve the problem/problems that are identified √ Logical consistency √ Solutions are grounded in reality and the context 25 points _________ IV. Decide on a course of action √ The solution is supported/defended as to why it was selected √ Discussion of chosen option and steps in greater detail √ Potential issues associated with implementation √ Logical Consistency √ Final solution addressed the main problem and its causes, which are identified prior √ Verifying the decision from several angles 25 points __________ V. Overall Presentation √ Grammar, spelling √ Clarity of writing and ideas √ Flow of paper 15 points __________ TOTAL 100 points __________ COMMENTS:...
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