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155: 201 Chemical Engineering Analysis I Fall 2008 Web page: https://sakai.rutgers.edu Lectures: Tu, Th 3:20–4:40 pm, SEC 117 Instructor: Helen Buettner Biomedical Engineering Building Rm 318 Busch Campus Tel: (732) 445-4500 x6318, Email: buettner@rci.rutgers.edu Office Hours: By appointment Teaching Assistant: Kai-Yuan He Biomedical Engineering Building Rm 017 Tel: (732) 445-7061 Email: heky@eden.rutgers.edu Office Hours: Tu, Wed, Th 1:00-2:00 pm Course Description: Chemical Engineering Analysis I introduces concepts and methods of fundamental importance to subsequent courses in the chemical engineering major and to the practicing chemical engineer. We will focus on two key principles: 1) the conservation of mass, and 2) the conservation of energy. Application of these two principles is essential in the design and analysis of chemical engineering systems. We will first consider basic units, variables and conceptual representations used to describe chemical processes. We will then apply the conservation of mass to chemical systems in the form of mass balances. The study of mass balances will include systems in which chemical reactions are occurring as well as systems containing multiple phases (gas, liquid) at thermodynamic equilibrium. Finally, we will incorporate the conservation of energy in the form of energy balances to analyze chemical systems undergoing heating, chemical reaction and/or phase change. Course Objectives: 1. Develop the ability to identify and solve chemical engineering problems based on written information. 2. Understand and use process flowcharts in problem solving. 3. Understand, derive and solve steady-state material and energy balance equations. 4. Apply the following concepts within the context of material and energy balance problems: Reactive systems – limiting and excess reactants, fractional conversion, extent of reaction, yield and selectivity, combustion Recycle, purge Single-component phase equilibrium – vapor pressure, boiling point, triple point Gas-liquid systems – Raoult’s Law, Henry’s Law, saturation, humidity, phase diagrams, bubble point, dew point Thermodynamic concepts – enthalpy, heat capacity, internal energy, adiabatic, isothermal, heats of reaction Course Prerequisites: 01:160:160 or 171; 01:640:152 or equivalent.
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201-F08-syllabus - 155: 201 Web page: Lectures: Instructor:...

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