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1 CBE 201 10/9/08 EQUATIONS OF STATE FOR GASES Questions • A gas enters a reactor at a rate of 255 SCMH. What does that mean? • A reactor feed stream consists of O 2 flowing at 32 kg/s. The gas is to be compressed from 37°C and 2.8 atm absolute to 54°C and 284 atm. What are the volumetric flow rates at the inlet and outlet? • A 70.0 m 3 tank is rated at 2000 kPa maximum pressure. If 150 kg of helium is charged into the tank, what will the pressure be? How much more helium can be added before the rated pressure is attained? Answers: Need an equation of state: relationship between temperature ( T ), pressure ( P ), volume ( V ), and number of moles ( n ) of a gas. In this course, we will use the Ideal Gas equation of state. In later courses, you will also learn about Nonideal Gas equations of state. • In Chapter 4, stream data was usually given in terms of mass or molar flow rates (or amounts) and mass or mole fractions. • In this chapter, stream data will often include volumetric flow rates (or volumes), temperature, total pressure, and partial pressure. • For material balances, however, we still need moles and mole fractions. The job now becomes one of converting volumetric flow rates (or volumes) to molar flow rates (or moles), and (for gases) partial pressures or volume fractions to mole fractions. (Easy for ideal gases: y A = p A / P, y A = V A /V. ) • Convert volumes to moles – Solids & liquids: o Use tabulated densities (volume to mass) & molecular weights (mass to moles). See Table B.1 for densities and molecular weights of many compounds.
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ananlysis1 - CBE 201 EQUATIONS OF STATE FOR GASES Questions...

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