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HW2 - Department of Chemical Biochemical Engineering...

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Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 98 Brett Road Piscataway, NJ 08854 54 14:155:201 Chemical Engineering Analysis I Homework Assignment 2 (due 9/18/08) 1. Draw and label the streams described below and derive expressions for the indicated quantities in terms of labeled variables. The following example is given as an illustration. Example. A continuous stream contains 60.0 mole% benzene and the balance toluene. Write expressions for the molar and mass flow rates of benzene ˙ n B (mol C 6 H 6 /s) and ˙ m B (kg C 6 H 6 /s), in terms of the total molar flow rate of the stream, ˙ n (mol/s). Solution: ˙ n B = ( 0.600 mol C 6 H 6 /mol) ˙ n (mol/s) = 0.600 ˙ n (mol C 6 H 6 /s) ˙ m B = 0.600 ˙ n (mol C 6 H 6 /s)( 78.1 g C 6 H 6 /mol) = 46.9 ˙ n g C 6 H 6 /s (a) The feed to a batch process contains equimolar quantities of nitrogen and methane. Write an expression for the kilograms of nitrogen in terms of the total moles n (mol) of this mixture.
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