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HW5 - Department of Chemical Biochemical Engineering...

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Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 98 Brett Road Piscataway, NJ 08854 54 14:155:201 Chemical Engineering Analysis I Homework Assignment 5 (due 10/16/08) 1. Butane is burned with air. No carbon monoxide is present in the combustion products. (a) Use a degree-of-freedom analysis to prove that if the percentage excess air and the percentage conversion of butane are specified, the molar composition of the product gas can be determined. (b) Calculate the molar composition of the product gas for each of the following three cases: (i) theoretical air supplied, 100% conversion of butane, (ii) 20% excess air, 100% conversion of butane, (iii) 20% excess air, 90% conversion of butane. 2. Two liquid streams are flowing at constant rates into a blender. One is benzene, which flows at a measured rate of 20.0 L/min, and the other is toluene. The blended mixture enters a storage tank (inner diameter = 5.5 m). During an interval in which no liquid leaves the storage tank, the liquid level in the tank is observed to increase by 0.15 meters over a one-hour period. Calculate the flow rate
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