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HW7 - Department of Chemical Biochemical Engineering...

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Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 98 Brett Road Piscataway, NJ 08854 54 14:155:201 Chemical Engineering Analysis I Homework Assignment 7 (due 11/6/08) Note: You may find it helpful to use a spreadsheet for trial-and-error calculations. 1. (a) Calculate the bubble point of a liquid mixture of 80 mole% n-hexane and 20 mole% n-pentane at 200 psia. (b) Calculate the dew point of a vapor mixture of 80 mole% n-hexane and 20 mole% n-pentane at 100 psia. 2. A gas containing nitrogen, benzene, and toluene is in equilibrium with a liquid consisting of 30 mole% benzene and 70 mole% toluene at 90°C and 9 atm. Find the gas composition (mole fractions). 3. Fuel tanks for barbeques contain propane and n -butane. At 120°F, liquid and vapor are at equilibrium in a tank at a total pressure of 100 psia. What is the overall (liquid plus vapor) mole fraction of butane in the tank? 4. A closed system contains a vapor phase, a liquid water phase, and a liquid hydrocarbon phase. The liquid hydrocarbon phase contains 40 mol% n-octane and 60 mol% n-decane. The water phase
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