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Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 98 Brett Road Piscataway, NJ 08854 14:155:201 Chemical Engineering Analysis I Homework Assignment 9 (ungraded) 1. Propane is to be burned with 15.0% excess air. Before entering the furnace, the air is preheated from 32°F to 575°F. At what rate (Btu/h) must heat be transferred to the air if the feed rate of propane is 1.35 x 10 5 SCFH [ft 3 (STP)/h]? 2. A stream of air at 500°C and 835 torr with a dew point of 30°C flowing at a rate of 1515 L/s is to be cooled in a spray cooler. A fine mist of liquid water at 25°C is sprayed into the hot air at a rate of 110.0 g/s and evaporates completely. The cooled air emerges at 1 atm. (a) Calculate the final temperature of the emerging air stream, assuming the process is adiabatic. (b) At what rate (kW) is heat transferred from the hot air feed stream in the spray cooler? 3.
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