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Lesson2 - site Facebook to interact with other prospective...

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Torrey Eason 5.30.2009 JOUR 1023 Lesson 2 1. I disagree with the glamorization of violence in today’s media content. Many TV programs contain large amounts of violence. Younger viewers tend to get the wrong messages from these programs since the actual harm is downplayed so much. 2. I would choose musical artist Jill Scott. She’s very beautiful and her level of intellect is remarkable. Her music is so poetic and I’m sure that transforms into her lifestyle. I think she would be a great to person to hang out with every now and again. 3. In the film Malcolm X, African Americans were being oppressed not only in terms of the race but their social statuses as well. These values do still hold true today in our society. I don’t think the feelings are as strong as they were depicted in the film it is a well known idea that people are still discriminated against in America. 4. Before I came to the University of Arkansas, I was in search of friends that were also planning on attending the institution. I used the popular social networking
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Unformatted text preview: site Facebook to interact with other prospective UofA students. It allowed me to meet other students from all over the nation that were going to joining me in Fayetteville in the Fall. I do consider junk mail and spam a form of linkage. Some people actually pay attention to this content and are drawn in by whatever they seem to be offering at the time. 5. I had the opportunity for my “temporary status” to be confirmed back when I was in high school. I was a high school correspondent for our local news station’s sports department. I was to do a segment on my high school’s football team that would air during the weekend’s highlight show. I thoroughly enjoyed all the attention. I think I’m promised to get my next 15 minutes of fame at a televised Arkansas football game since I’m in the band. I know the TV cameras will pan over us and catch me going crazy in the stands....
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