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Lesson4 - would heavily dent the pockets 3 I believe that...

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Torrey Eason 6.7.2009 JOUR 1023 Lesson 4 1. Newspapers don’t seem to appeal to the under-35 crowd because this group of America’s is known to be more technologically advanced then others. They are getting there news from other outlets other than the usual printed newspaper. Newspaper doe appeal to me. I tend to read the actual printed paper just out of habit. Although I could access the information on my phone or computer, I’d rather get my news the old-fashioned way. 2. My custom made newspaper would be small and would appear on stands three times a week. It would be filled with items from pop-culture and it would appeal to college aged young people. I would pay less for it. I know that young people are more likely to spend money on inexpensive things than those things that
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Unformatted text preview: would heavily dent the pockets. 3. I believe that there are 2 independent newspapers in Northwest Arkansas 4. I think affordability does play a factor but I think a bigger factor is usually more affluent neighborhoods have big populations which contain a wide variety of people. Different papers are needs to appeal to different audiences. 5. Since electronic/online newspapers are not printed, they are economically cheaper to produce which seems like an advantage to the actual newspaper as far as cost of production goes. Also online papers have the ability to update their material as news breaks where as printed papers would have to until their next issue is released....
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