Lesson5 - advertising and ancillary services Our text says...

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Torrey Eason 6.10.2009 JOUR 1023 Lesson 5 1. It suggested a number of things. For one, it suggests that our society is very diverse. There are so many magazines available that appeal to many different people, interests and age groups. Also it suggests that the cost of production for magazines must be fairly low since there are so many circulating our country. 2. I think this will be hard to do considering the fact that new ideas and fads will continue to prompt new magazines and society will react to the new publications. 3. The four main departments discussed in our texts are circulation, advertising, production and editorial. I am examining JAM: Jazz Ambassadors Magazine and their departmental makeup matches that of out text for the most part. The only thing that differs is that JAM does not have that big of a circulation department probably because it is a local Kansas City magazine. 4. The basic sources of magazine revenue include subscriptions, single-copy sales and
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Unformatted text preview: advertising and ancillary services. Our text says that ad revenues cover about 67 percent of a magazine’s income, subscription sales about 23 percent, with single-copy sales accounting for the remaining 10 percent. These figures can, of course, change radically depending on the nature of the publication itself. Magazines seem to be getting more and more expensive in the eyes of the consumer. The cost of production is rising due to postage and paper costs. 5. Circulation figures don’t actually tell you how many people read the magazine. For example, a magazine with a circulation of 300,000 may indeed mail out 300,000 copies of its publication but that doesn’t mean that every single copy was read. Readership is dependent on lots of different elements, from quality of the editorial to the weather....
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Lesson5 - advertising and ancillary services Our text says...

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