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Torrey Eason 6.10.2009 JOUR 1023 Lesson 6 1. Since books are published to reach very large audiences, they’re considered a component of mass media. Even when their circulation is low the fact that books reach a large audience makes them considerable as mass media. 2. I don’t think we should be concerned . Books that are published will be read by someone. 3. Censorship can be justified in some cases but it should not be used to control our society. That makes the whole idea of freedom of speech contradictory. I don’t think any subject or content should be prohibited from being published I just think
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Unformatted text preview: that warnings should be put on the content stating it may not be suitable for children or other audiences. 4. I simply read books that grasp my attention. I know that if Im interested in the books subject matter, Ill be motivated to finish it. 5. The author suggests that Oprah is helping the oppression continue. I dont necessarily agree with her comments. The number of women that follow Oprah is huge. So she must be doing something right. I believe Oprah empowers women and one major component of self-help is empowerment....
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