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Torrey Eason 06.01.2009 JOUR 1023 Lesson 3 1. The election of President Obama, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., influential experiences from my college career, 9/11 attacks the Arkansas-LSU football game from 2007, the Arkansas-LSU football game from 2008, Columbine school shooting, important Black History, the values of Christianity, knowledge of who Christ really is 2. AT&T: cell phone usage, internet, digital television, wireless internet. I think the competition is good for consumers because it keeps the companies 3. I would personally rate my family as photographic historians as average. My grandmother is big into collecting and taking photos at every event our family has. I think this initiative could be improved amongst my immediate family members by us just taking on the task of keeping up with photos and memoirs
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Unformatted text preview: pertaining to our family and encourage each other to do so. 4. One published photographic image that stands out in my mind is the cover of USA Today from Inauguration Day 2009. This was a very monumental event in our history and it effected me since I am an African American and I was actually at the inauguration amongst the other millions of Americans that turned out to see President Obama get sworn in. 5. The idea that computers will get even more advanced fathoms me but, I know it is going to happen. I could potentially see computers becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Everything that is usually done by a human will probably be performed by a computer....
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