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Recitation ClassWork 2 Physics 203 1. th Edition, Chapter 2 Problem 68. Also, explain how you can tell from the graph (without doing any calculations) when the bus has a zero acceleration and a non-zero acceleration. 2. Problem 65. 3. Problem 6 4. Problem 7 5. Problem 15. Not all NASCAR tracks have the same shape. Assume that the shape of the track is similar to a standard quarter-mile running track. In other words, it has two long straightaways connected by 180 degree turns. Assume
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Unformatted text preview: that the car starts in the middle of one of the straightaways. Hint: Remember, velocity and acceleration are vectors, so be careful with signs. Also: c. But, the cars speed is constant. How can the car have a non-zero acceleration? 6. Problem 26. A top-fuel dragster is shown in the picture to the right. 7. Problem 28, part (b) only. 8. Problem 37 9. Problem 42. This problem is challenging. Remember, one or both of the cars might reach their maximum speed before crossing the finish line....
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