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Recitation ClassWork 7 Physics 203 1. Chapter 10 Problem 29. In part (b) remove the word “angular”. 2. Problem 82. Be really careful with part (a). What has to be true about the forces exerted on the box so that its acceleration is zero? 3. Problem 15 4. Problem 18. In part (b) remove the word “angular”. 5. Problem 23 6. Problem 76 7. Problem 43 8. An astronaut living on the International Space Station can’t determine her mass using a scale like we can on the surface of the Earth. How can she determine her mass while on an extended stay in space? One method involves vibrational motion. An astronaut sits on a chair that vibrates horizontally at the end of a spring. A motion detector determines the amplitude of vibration and the speed of the chair as it passes through the equilibrium position. The
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Unformatted text preview: spring has a 1200-N/m spring constant. The astronaut sits in the chair which then set into vibrational motion. The amplitude of vibration is measured to be 0.50 m, and the speed of the chair as it passes through equilibrium is 2.0 m/s. Using these data, find the combined mass of the chair and person. (You could then subtract the mass of the chair and determine the mass of the astronaut.) 9. Devise another method to determine the mass of the astronaut described in the previous question. You know the spring constant of the spring-seat system (1200 N/m) and the mass of the vibrating seat on which she sits. You also have a stopwatch. Describe the method you will use, and give a sample calculation, inserting realistic values for any quantities that you don’t have values for....
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