HW8 - the time. From and energy point of view though,...

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HomeWork 8 Physics 203 1. Chapter 6 problem 26 2. Chapter 10 problem 10 3. Chapter 10 problem 34 4. Read Section 6.7 to learn about the concept of power. Think about an elevator traveling from the first floor to the top floor of a building. While doing this, the motor pulling the cable exerts a force over the distance that the elevator rises by. This force does work on the elevator+Earth system, increasing the system’s gravitational potential energy. Now, think about the same situation with one change: the motor pulls the elevator up to the top floor in half
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Unformatted text preview: the time. From and energy point of view though, everything is the same. The systems gravitational potential energy increased by the same amount. But, that increase happened in half the time. Power is the concept that distinguishes these two situations. In the second situation, the power output of the motor is double what it was in the first situation. 5. Chapter 6 problem 67...
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