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HomeWork 5 Physics 203 1. Chapter 5 problem 12. “Centripetal acceleration” is another name for “radial component of acceleration”. It’s better to use the latter term since it’s much more descriptive of what it means. 2. Problem 20 3. Problem 27. You should read through section 5.4 on Banked Curves. We went through this in more detail in class actually because we included the effect of static friction. Actually, when the curve is banked it’s possible for the car to make it around the curve without slipping even if the road surface is completely frictionless. Read the section for
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Unformatted text preview: more details. Then, take a look at the expression that we developed in class for the maximum speed a car can take the curve with friction taken into account. Set s µ = and see what happens. 4. Problem 41 5. Problem 46. Hint: What happens to the normal force exerted by the road on the motorcycle if the motorcycle just loses contact with the road for a split second?...
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