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HomeWork 4 Physics 203 1. Chapter 4 Problem 44 2. Problem 109 3. Problem 83. This problem involves a tension force being exerted by the rope on Robin Hood. A tension force is a pulling force that is always exerted along the direction of the object that is exerting it (a rope, string, cable, etc.). There’s no specific equation for tension forces. Like normal forces they completely depend on the situation. One important observation about tension forces though. A rope pulls with equal strength on each of its ends. In other
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Unformatted text preview: words, in the situation described in the problem, the rope exerts an equal strength force on Robin Hood as it exerts on the chandelier. See examples 14 and 18 to see analyses of situations involving tension forces. Hints, draw a force diagram and the chandelier, and separately for Robin Hood. Also, how does the chandelier’s acceleration compare to Robin Hood’s? 4. Problem 74. Hint: Draw a force diagram for the laser sensor....
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