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Projectile Motion - Projectile Motion Video Analysis...

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Projectile Motion: Video Analysis Objective: To investigate the motion of an object in two dimensions; to gain familiarity with video analysis techniques Apparatus: Introduction In this lab you will create your own movie of motion in two dimensions using a webcam. The movie will be imported into Logger Pro with which you can analyze the data, breaking up motion into its X and Y components. You will start with performing video analysis on an existing movie, then you will make two movies of your own and analyze those. Procedure Sample Movie 1. In Lab Softwares on your PC desktop, open Logger Pro 3.3. Go to File--> Open --> Experiments --> Sample Movies --> Ball Toss. Double-click on Ball “Toss.cmbl”; you should see a movie of a man holding a red ball. Click on the Play button (leftmost button) on the movie and watch him throw and catch the ball. Note that there is a meter stick at on the table below the ball; it is there as a distance scale reference. Play the movie again - is this one dimensional motion or two dimensional? 2. Click on the Video Analysis (VA) button (rightmost button, three red dots on it), which exposes the VA toolbar. Click on the Set Origin button (third from top) and click on a spot in the movie that you'd like to set as your (X=0, Y=0) point. After you do that you should see the X and Y axes. 3. Now let's set the distance scale - click on the Set Scale button (fourth from top). Click
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Projectile Motion - Projectile Motion Video Analysis...

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