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HomeWork 3 Physics 203 1. th Edition, Chapter 2, Problem 44 2. Chapter 4, Problem 15 3. Chapter 4, Problem 22 4. A person (mass 55 kg) is rollerblading with a constant speed of 6 m/s on a smooth, straight, level road. Ahead of the rollerblader the road becomes inclined at a 10 degree angle. The rollerblader coasts up the inclined road as far as
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Unformatted text preview: they can. a. How far up the inclined road does the rollerblader get? b. What assumptions did you make in your analysis? c. Do you expect your answer to part a. to be an overestimate, underestimate, or approximately the same as what would happen if you recreated the situation for real? Explain your reasoning....
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