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Recitation ClassWork 6 Physics 203 1. Chapter 6 problem 2. In addition, draw an energy bar chart for each part. In part (a) choose the system of interest to be the Earth, you, and your belongings. In part (b) choose the system of interest to be the Earth and you. 2. Problem 9. Hint: Careful when you determine the normal force exerted by the floor on the refrigerator. 3. Problem 17. Before answering the question, draw two energy bar charts for the situation. For the first one choose the fighter jet as the system of interest. For the second one, choose the fighter jet and the aircraft carrier as the
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Unformatted text preview: system of interest. Which of these two choices of system makes more sense given what the question is asking? 4. Problem 41 5. Problem 47. This problem combines work/energy ideas and circular motion. Start by determining how fast the skier needs to be traveling when she is at the top of the hill so that her skis just barely lose contact with the snow 6. Problem 54 7. Problem 56 8. Problem 86. Hint: When will the tension force exerted on the person be the greatest? Analyze the situation using circular motion....
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