Linear Momentum

Linear Momentum - Conservation of Linear Momentum Purpose...

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Conservation of Linear Momentum Purpose: To understand conservation of linear momentum; to investigate whether or not momentum and energy are conserved in elastic and inelastic collisions. Apparatus: Pasco track, Pasco cart (two), LabPro interface and cables, motion sensor (two), cart masses Introduction: This week you will examine a system of two colliding carts in which (to a good approximation) there is no net external force. That is, the changes in motion of the of the two colliding carts will arise from the internal forces that act between the carts. You will measure the momentum of each cart before and after the collision, and check to see if momentum and energy is conserved. Newton originally stated his second law in terms of momentum, rather than acceleration: F net = p t where p = m v (1) For a system of N particles, we can rewrite this as F net =   p net t where p net = N p i =  p 1   p 2   p 3. ...   p N (2) In the case we are considering, namely where the net external force is zero, the above equation reads   p net t = 0 or p net = constant (3) which states that if there is no net external force, the linear momentum of a system is conserved. For a system composed of two masses along a track, we can relate their momentum
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values before and after the collision as follows. Here we have dropped the vector notation, and adopted the convention that the directional information will be indicated using positive or negative velocity values: m 1 v 1 i m 2 v 2 i = m 1 v 1 f m 2 v 2 f (4) The experiment consists of colliding two carts along a track while simultaneously monitoring their velocities with two sonic rangers mounted at opposite ends of the track. By massing the carts beforehand, we have Logger Pro output the real-time momentum value. You may be protesting at this point: “
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Linear Momentum - Conservation of Linear Momentum Purpose...

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