Newton's Laws I

activity 3 preparation look at the setup on the left

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Unformatted text preview: before you begin your experiment.) Activity 3 Preparation Look at the setup on the left. You have, from top to bottom, Force Sensor 1, Mass 1, Force Sensor 2 and Mass 2, all connected to each other, and exerting forces on each other. Force Sensor 1 is hanging from a string, which you are holding so that the whole setup is above your lab desk. Before connecting them all together, weigh both masses on the electronic scale at one end of the room. Use 190g for each Force Sensor in your calculations. Draw a FBD (Free Body Diagram) for each of these four objects, clearly drawing a vector to represent every force on each object. Remember that the force of Gravity acts on all the objects. You will do this on your hand-in sheet. Using your conclusion from Activity 4, and Newton's Second Law external =m , calculate and predict the reading on both force F net a sensors when they are arranged as on the left. Show your calculation to your TA before proceeding. Experiment First open "HANGING FORCE SENSORS.cmbl". Without putting any weight on the force sensors (or pulling/pushing on their hooks), position them in the orientation on the left and press the Zero button in Logger Pro. Then put together the setup as on the diagram on the left, press the Collect button and compare with your predictions. If you did not come close, discuss the reasons for the discrepancy with your partner. Record all your work in the hand-in sheet. FORCE SENSOR 1 M1 FORCE SENSOR 2 M2 Activity 4 Elevate one side of your track so that it makes an angle of a few degre...
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