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Assignment-7_1 revised_[1] - Spring 2009 Assignment 7...

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Spring 2009 Assignment 7 Secondary Resources Learning Objectives At the end of this assignment, you will be able to: Identify some other commonly used tax research sources Use Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) Tax Management Portfolios Use CCH’s Tax Research Consultant Locate historical information using Merten’s Law of Federal Income Tax Taxation Use articles from tax journals in your tax research Recognize the value of using a tax treatise in doing research Use Lexis-Nexis to access tax information Assignments Complete the “Reading for Assignment 7.” Research and answer the questions for the Assignment 7 quiz and enter your answers on Oncourse. There are no PowerPoint slides for this assignment. Quiz Questions 1. Which of the following statements is true regarding the BNA Tax Management Portfolios ? a. BNA differs dramatically from the CCH SFTR and the RIA USTR in that it takes a particular topic and goes into great depth about that topic. b. BNA is similar to CCH and RIA in that it covers all sections of the Internal Revenue Code. c. BNA is available only in print and not online (i.e., through the Internet). d. BNA portfolio covers are black in color. e . More than one of the above statements is true. 2. Select the BNA portfolio that is matched with the first letter of your last name in the list below. For that portfolio, find (a) the author(s) and (b) the Code Section referenced in the specified footnote. Select the portfolio number specified for the first letter of your last name. You will complete only one of the six choices. This exercise normally will require you to visit a comprehensive tax library, such as the one at IUPUI or at an accounting or law firm. Public libraries and many university libraries do not have BNA.
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Select 2-1 if your last name begins with A or B; 2-2 if your last name begins with C, D, E, F, or G; 2-3 for names beginning with H, I, J, or K; 2-4 for names beginning with L, M, N, O, P or Q; 2-5 for names beginning with R or S; and 2-6 if your last name begins with T, W, X, Y or Z. Note: If the assigned portfolio is missing from the library shelf, you may select one of the other listed portfolios. On Oncourse, you will need to input the author(s)’ name(s) and the code section referenced in the footnote. 2-1. (A-B) Portfolio 519-2nd Travel and Transportation Expenses: Deduction and Recordkeeping Requirements . Author(s)_______________________________________________________ Footnote 7. Code Section: ____________ 2-2. (C-G) Portfolio 517-2nd Scholarships and Educational Expenses Author(s)_______________________________________________________ Footnote 156. Code Section: ____________ 2-3. (H-K) Portfolio 521-2nd Charitable Contributions: Income Tax Aspects Author(s)__ ________________________________ Footnote 609. Code Section: 170__________ 2-4. (L-Q) Portfolio 504-2nd Deduction Limitations: General Author(s)_______________________________________________________
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Assignment-7_1 revised_[1] - Spring 2009 Assignment 7...

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