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Summer 2008 Introduction and Quiz Questions ASSIGNMENT 2: INTRODUCTION TO CCH AND CCH INTERNET TAX RESEARCH NETWORK Learning Objectives At the end of this assignment, you will be able to Understand the organization of the CCH Internet Tax Research NetWork Use CCH to access the Internal Revenue Code, administrative pronouncements (regulations, rulings, revenue procedures, etc.) and judicial decisions (cases) Contrast the CCH Internet tax service and the print service Recognize different research methods that can be used when working with CCH Assignment 1. Read Reading Assignment 2 posted on Oncourse regarding use of the CCH tax research service. This is the major part of this assignment. (Note: The reading assignment includes screen prints, and it might take some time to load, so don’t give up! Consider saving the file to your own computer and then opening it.) 2. Review the slides for Assignment 2. 3. Research and answer the 15 questions beginning on the next page. Enter your answers to Quiz 2 through Oncourse. Note: Details can make all the difference in researching and applying tax law. Don’t neglect the details when conducting your research and answering the following questions. Almost correct is not correct.
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Summer 2008 ASSIGNMENT 2 INTRODUCTION TO CCH AND CCH INTERNET TAX RESEARCH NETWORK 1 Current Features and Journals. Technical tax articles found in professional tax journals (rather than popular magazines like Money Magazine ) are a terrific research aid. CCH publishes Taxes-The Tax Magazine . Browse this journal and choose the title of an article below that appears in the December 2007 issue of TAXES. (Hint: simply click on “Taxes-The Tax Magazine.” This is the browsing or menu-walk approach to researching) A . Taxation of Self-Employment Earnings Across Business Entities: A Proposal for Uniformity B. 1, 61, 83 Pay Me with Your E-qui-ty C. Self-Employment Tax and Limited Liability Companies: When Are LLC Earnings Subject to Self- Employment Tax? D. None of the Above 2 Advanced Releases. In general, what can be found in "Advance Release Documents"? A. New IRS gossip. B . Information about current IRS Releases—Rev. Proc., Rev. Rul. etc. C. Nothing; "Advance Releases" do not exist. D. Copies of the Regulations for the Internal Revenue Code. 3 Tax Treaties. Browse the tax treaty section. Does the U.S. have a treaty with Ireland? A . Yes, two—the income tax treaty and the estate tax treaty. B. Yes, the income tax treaty C. Yes, the estate tax treaty. D. No. Questions 4-6 concern the Standard Federal Tax Reporter . Prior to the creation of the Internet, practitioners who used CCH for their research usually subscribed to a print service, the Standard Federal Tax Reporter . This is now contained intact on the Internet. 4 Browse the
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Assignment_2 - Summer 2008 Introduction and Quiz Questions...

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