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CM 3400 Assignment 2 Asphalt is used in mostly in the construction of roads, highways, airports, raceways and railroad beds. It is also used to prevent water infiltration sometimes. Batch type is made in batch ”orders” and drum mixer asphalt is made continuously. The baghouse and belt scale control the amount and timing of the aggregate. Rutting, thermal cracks and aging are minimized with the superpave system. It is tested by rotational viscometer and dynamic shear rheometer to test for construction and rutting. DSR and bender shear rheometer testing are used for fatigue and low temp cracking and aging. RTFO simulates the short-term aging of asphalt binders during the hot-mix
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Unformatted text preview: process. The airflow meters in the over are calibrated and the material is heated for a certain time and rotated before the change in mass is measured. In RV, the material is applied around a steel cylinder that is inserted into another at a temp controlled by a water bath and the torque required to spin in is measured to test for construction properties. In DSR, a plate size and gap are selected based on temp and the spindle oscillates at a certain speed and torque and deflection angle are measured to test for elasticity. An asphalt emulsion is a suspension with water and an emulsifier. Cutback is mixed with a volatile oil....
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