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Louisiana State University CM3400 (Spring 2008) Practice Exam 2 1 A single letter-size formula sheet is allowed. Problem 1 ( 30 points ) Question a: Three standard mortar cubes were made using no potable water available at a job site, and three others were made using potable water. The cubes were tested for compressive strength after 7 days of curing and produced the following failure loads in kips: No potable water Potable water 16.2 17.3 16.5 18.6 16.9 16.2 Based on these results, would you accept that water for mixing concrete? Explain why. Question b: What type of cement would you use in each of the following cases and why? - Construction of a warm climate such as the Phoenix area - Concrete structure without any specific exposure condition - Building foundation in a soil with severe sulfate exposure
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CM3400 (Spring 2008) Practice Exam 2 2 Problem 2 ( 40 points ) Question a: If the binder viscosity was determined at two temperatures (at 135C: 0.375 Pa s and at 175C: 0.105 Pa
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Practice_Exam2_08M - Louisiana State University...

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