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Test One Study Guide3400 - Concrete can be used effectively...

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Test One Study Guide Calculate the stress at failure of a 50 mm mortar cube that failed at 35,586N Calculate the change in length of a 110m long steel pipe exposed to temps ranging from 5 to 90deg C (α=0.0000117 m/m deg C) Sieve analysis on aggregate, calculate percent passing for each sieve. Determine effective size and uniformity coefficient. Asphalt binder is tested to determine its grade at high temp. Determine the high temp grade for this binder. Show your calculation and rational. Given Temp Age Status G*(Pa) δ Major Steps taking place during aggregate processing T/F Quartzite is one type of metamorphic rocks
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Unformatted text preview: Concrete can be used effectively as a thermal mass A one time high intensity load can cause a steel member to fail through fatigue Soundness measures the aggregate resistance to abrasion An emulsion is a mixture of asphalt cement with a petroleum solvent The PAV is used to stimulate short-term aging of asphalt Rutting failure of hot mix asphalt usually occurs at high temp A material with U value .8 is a better insulator then a material with R value of 1.4 Slow cure cutbacks can be used for prime coat and dust control Round uncrushed aggregate are favored in asphalt mixes...
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Test One Study Guide3400 - Concrete can be used effectively...

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