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Midterm_Study_Chart (1) - MUSIC 15 MIDTERM MATERIAL MIDDLE...

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MIDDLE AGES (5 th C-1450) CHANT 1. Hildegard’s Alleluia, O Virgo Mediatrix (12 th C ) Hild: founded abbey poet, scientist prophetic/visions Sacred (from the mass proper) Virgin Mary Monophonic Free rhythm ABA (ternary) Responsorial Mostly melismatic Neumatic (small groups of note to a syllable) ORGANUM : 2. Notre Dame School’s Gaude Maria virgo (@1150-1250) Organum, earliest polyphony music Composers around Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris 12-13 C Responsory for one of the offices Virgin Mary 2 upper voices sing rhythmically Melismatic (only 2 words in organum) Shifts from organum to chant (sung monophonically) Chant is melismattic on Virgo then neumatic Motet (polytextual) two text TROUBADOUR SONG (C. 1100-1300) 3. Raimbaut de Vaqueiras’ Kalenda Maya (The first of May) Secular Love song to Beatrice (celebrates return of spring but pledges love to lady) (courtly love or idealized love) Estampie (genre), sung dance form (troubadour dance song) Strophic musical form (same melody repeated with every stanza) AABBCC Opening with solo rebec (early violin) other instruments Include pipe, guitarra moresca, nakers (small hand drums) 4. Guillaume de Machaut & the French Ars Nova ’s Puis qu’en oubli Genre: polyphonic chanson (song), 3 voices Rondeau by the composer (with 2-line refrain) ABaAabAB (capital letters indicate refrain text) Triple meter Holy orders at an early age, secretary to John of Luxemburg king of Bohemia, part of the court of Charles duke of
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Midterm_Study_Chart (1) - MUSIC 15 MIDTERM MATERIAL MIDDLE...

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