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ENGR 111C (2) - So far we have been placed into teams and...

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ENGR 111C Fall 2007 Homework #1 – Shantz Due 9/3/07 At the beginning of class Team #: ________8 __________ This year in ENGR 111 we hope to be introduced to the engineering profession and the different disciplines. We are looking forward to learning about what an engineer is in today’s society. We would also like to get a feel for which discipline of engineering we are truly interested in and would like to devote our time to. Also during this time, we would like to learn what qualities an engineer should possess in his everyday life. We understand that being an engineer is a respectable role in society, and therefore we are determined to find out the ethical standards that they should uphold. When it comes to the technical aspect, we hope to gain proficiency in two dimensional and three dimensional products and apply them to technical drawing tools like auto CAD. This semester, we will hopefully become familiar with the technological side of the field so we are comfortable with them and can use them further on down the road.
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Unformatted text preview: So far we have been placed into teams and we understand how this will help us in our future endeavors. It is evident in society that teamwork is a very important part of the engineering profession and that we will not always be paired with the people we want to work with. We would like to overcome this adversity and become comfortable working in a team. Additionally, an important part of working with a team is arranging meetings and communication between group members. During the course of the semester we expect to hone these skills. Maybe the most important aspect of this course would be the aspect of problem solving and how it applies to engineering. We hope to gain a better understanding of the methods engineers take to solve problems and how these methods allow engineers to solve these problems efficiently and effectively. We are very excited to be a part of the ENGR 111 class and look forward to acquiring the necessary skills to become the elite among Aggie engineers....
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