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Reading Exercise - Some Words About the Writing Process For...

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Some Words About the Writing Process For many of us the idea of writing is a fearful enterprise. Getting thoughts together and organizing them into statements or a pattern that someone else can understand are difficult tasks. Making writing work right seems sometimes like a tedious and exasperating prospect if not an outright impossibility. And to complicate the problem, what many of us have been taught in the past about the writing process hasn't made the job of composition any easier or less frightening. "First, you have to write an appropriate, correct thesis sentence," we have been taught. "Then, you develop a topic outline and, from it, a sentence outline. Next, you must organize . . . ." Oh, the grief! An examination of how experienced or professional writers go about composition reveals, however, something almost all of us as novice writers already suspect: a successful piece of writing doesn't just fall into place on the page like a set of organized blocks, each already pre-formed and grooved to lock into place against others through an orderly process of arrangement. Successful writing, rather, is the product of a very fluid, highly flexible process. Successful writing is the product of constant massaging an idea or set of ideas, trying first this word and then that one, returning over and over again to reshape a sentence or reorganize a phrase as new ideas emerge, or as the writer examines the composition from
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Reading Exercise - Some Words About the Writing Process For...

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