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Abnormal Psych Final

Abnormal Psych Final - Test 1 Review 1 2 According to the...

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Test 1 Review 1. According to the DSM-IV’s definition of mental disorder impairment in one or more areas of functioning (disability) a. May be present but is not a necessary condition for making a diagnosis 2. Individuals who have alcohol problems tend to come from families with other individuals who have alcohol problems. This would suggest a. Although there is an association, no cause-effect relationship can be concluded 3. Why would a researcher want to insure that every person in the larger group of study has an equal chance of being included in the sample? a. It increases the researcher’s ability to generalize findings for the larger group 4. What do the cases of Monique and Donald Best illustrate? a. Abnormal behavior covers a wide range of behavioral disturbances 5. The mayor of a city wants to know the number of new cases of a disorder over the past year… a. Incidence rate 6. Ideally, a sample is described as what? a. Representative 7. The fact that body piercings are commonplace today while they would once have been viewed as abnormal illustrates… a. The values of a society may change over time 8. Which mental health professional has a doctoral degree in psychology with both research and clinical skill specialization? a. Clinical psychologist 9. A researcher who provides a certain treatment for one group and withholds treatment from a completely comparable group is using a. Experimental method 10. In a study of the effects of ice cream on mood, the mood after ice cream exposure can be described as a. Dependent variable 11. The Solarists are a cult whose members believe that they control the movements of the sun with special hand gestures… a. While some of this group’s members ay meet criteria for a DSM-IV diagnosis, the DSM-IV does not diagnose groups 12. Why is it important to have some understanding of what causes a psychological disorder a. The selection of a treatment approach is largely determined by assumptions of causality 13. Which of the following is an example of an analogue study?
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a. Rats prenatally exposed to alcohol are studied to further our understanding of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 14. All were likely to be part of moral treatment in the 1800’s except a. Antipsychotic medication 15. According to early beliefs, what would characterize an individual with an excess of blood? a. Happiness 16. In 1983, a large group of West Bank Palestinian girls showed signs of illness. Some thought they were poisoned, but later it was discovered that psychological factors play a key role. a. Mass madness 17. Benjamin Rush is credited with all of the following except a. Taking a scientific approach to the study and treatment of mental disorders 18. Which is recognized as a major biomedical breakthrough in psychopathology because it established the link b/w mental and physical illnesses?
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Abnormal Psych Final - Test 1 Review 1 2 According to the...

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