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Danielle Britt According to the documents, to what extent did America achieve separation of church and state? Religious dissenters from Europe settled the New World and brought with them a Christianity that was “democratic and republican” in nature in that the different sects believed all people are equal under God. i While many of these religious sects did not agree completely on religious doctrine, when writing the constitution, the politicians from every sect concluded that it was best to separate church and state. However, separation of Church and state did not necessarily mean separation of Christianity and Christian morality from politics and government. Sometimes Christian morals even dictated government implemented laws. While the Americans claimed complete separation of church and state in the Constitution, it is evident that Christian morals often informed state action. American democracy parallels some basic beliefs of Christianity. First and foremost, Protestants believe in a God who “dispense[s] the same laws equally and in the same way to all men” which is one of the founding principles of American democracy ii . The state created secular laws and as long as people obey these laws, they could live and worship however they pleased. Religious toleration was deeply rooted in American democracy because the nation was like “an asylum for all the persecuted of the Old World” to practice their beliefs in a way which suited
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Critical Essay 5 - Danielle Britt According to the...

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