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9/23/04 Lecture 1 Outline : Overview, cells, tissues, systems, homeostasis, feedback loops, diffusion, osmosis, membrane transport systems, passive and active transport I. the Cell – the building block, many chemical reactions occur w/in the cell A. Parts and Processes 1.Plasma Membrane – barrier that separates the intracellular part of cell from the external environment, similar to a soap bubble a. allows exchange between the inside and outside of cell: transport and diffusion b. has receptors that sense particular chemicals in the extracellular environment that allows the chemicals to attach (brought into cell/affect cell in some way) 2. The 2 laws of Thermodynamics a. Conservation of Energy – energy is neither created nor destroyed, just changed into a different form b. any spontaneous process must increase the entropy (the disorder) of the isolated system c. Example: when you put ice in a glass of water, it melts and the entire glass has a uniform temperature ( increasing entropy) d. what will never happen spontaneously: water droplets will never spontaneously come together and form a drop (that is decreasing the entropy)
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Lecture%201 - Lecture 1 Outline Overview cells tissues...

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