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Syllabus for Geography 6: World Regional Geography Lecturer: Jared Diamond, Professor of Geography and of Environmental Health Sciences Teaching fellows : Lilia Illes and Nicholas Bauch Subject of the course . One of the most important single factors influencing a person’s life is the place where he or she was born and spends his or her life. For instance, Americans, Haitians, Swiss, Rwandans, Iraqis, and South Koreans differ greatly, on the average, in their annual incomes, life expectancies, daily calorie intakes, and access to medical care and education. The reasons for these differing outcomes are fascinating, complex, debated, and vitally important to us as individuals and to world politics. World regional geography examines the differing environments and histories of different regions of the world, in order to understand why geography has such a big impact on our lives. Note: There is an enrollment restriction for this course (see below). Jared Diamond is Professor of Geography, Public Health, and Physiology at UCLA. His four best-selling books Guns, Germs, and Steel , Why Is Sex Fun? , The Third Chimpanzee , and Collapse have won a Pulitzer Prize, a Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and (twice) Britain’s Science Book Prize. His many other awards include the National Medal of Science, the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, and three UCLA teaching awards. For the last 40 years, he worked especially on biological membranes and on New Guinea birds, and has now shifted
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syllabus - Syllabus for Geography 6: World Regional...

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