Last assignment.wps - really connect with which part of the story In The Valkyrie the text was not necessarily set syllabically in all parts so

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-1Garkay Wong 18616594 Music 27 Emily Richmond Absolute vs. Program Music The art of music need not refer to anything but itself. Setting a composition into musical drama such as in Act 1 of Wagner’s The Valkyrie takes away from the effectiveness of the piece. The music composed for the work becomes almost an afterthought, while the actors singing take center stage. The piece in its purely musical form is ample to stand on its own and the voices of the singers and the acting on stage serve merely as a distraction. I would love to hear this piece on its own without the interjections of the singers. The beautiful thing about music is that it reaches into the core of each listener because each person attaches to the music what is meaningful to him. When I try to follow the program of The Valkyrie , I get lost as to which pieces of music
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Unformatted text preview: really connect with which part of the story. In The Valkyrie, the text was not necessarily set syllabically in all parts, so listeners may not necessarily hear what the text is meant to express, if they can hear the text at all. What is universal, what anyone can understand is the emotional undertones expressed by certain motives within all musical pieces (in this case, the stormy motives versus the love motives in The Valkyrie ) without even reading the program. The sung-text and the story going on and the action on stage muddle and interrupt the clarity and flow of the musical piece. Music in its pure form, is most valuable when it does not refer to anything but itself because while poems and paintings might be able to provide visual images that you can see in your mind’s eye, music in its pure form touches the heart....
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