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Music Notes for Paper 1.wps

Music Notes for Paper 1.wps - chord which ends with a...

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-1 Music Notes for Paper 1 a. Do they play only the two chords? -AMERICAN BACH SOLOISTS only play the two chords -TAVERNER players embellish multiple instruments make up the chord. -ACADEMY OF ANCIENT MUSIC play one long note that encompasses the two chords -LE CONCERT DES NATIONS plays with one instrument, harpsichord’s cadence heavily embellishes two chords b. If they improvise a movement, what instruments play it? -no improvisation, multiple similar tone color instruments play same to chords -harpsichord and violin- violin with harpsichord in the background -harpsichord and violin- violin one long note, harpsichord embellishes over: combination makes up the two chords -harpsichord embellishes on top of a bass (cello?) that only plays the two chords c. How long is the movement? -4 seconds -about 4 seconds -about 3 seconds since it is only long note -about 9 seconds long d. Does it connect to either of the surrounding movements or stand alone? -stands alone -connects -connects -connects *seems to serve as a transition, the first chord leaps up to the second
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Unformatted text preview: chord which ends with a feeling of closure, but also seems to be able to lead into what comes next, which is an improvised solo violin like a “Ta-da!”. The two chords may serve as a place of rest for the improvisation of the soloists, because in the more complete version of the piece by the bach soloists, the first and third movements are separated by this breath of movement that consists of just two chords. First movement seems to follow form very much, breath of two chord movement and a very rapid entrance of violins. e. Does it sound like improvisation or as a written composition? (Listen for steady meter and repetition of melodic ideas)-steady meter, duple-seems to be an improvisation, especially with the embellishment by minoring certain notes.-a very slow tempo, doesn’t seem to have a specific meter-improvisation, harpsichord is definitely improvising. But the basso continuo plays the two chords the way it is written....
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Music Notes for Paper 1.wps - chord which ends with a...

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