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John Manley Pre Lab Exp. 2 Amy He (Friday 9-11:50) 14 September 2007 2. Andrea’s balance is more precise than Andrew’s meaning that her balances were very close, if not exact, to the set of values in her measurement. For example, if Andrea measured 20 milliliters of water three times and received the measurements of 19.98, 20.01 and 20.04 her measurements would be more precise than Andrew’s if his measurements were 19.84, 19.65, and 20.87 respective. Precision is based on consistency and closeness. Brian’s balance is more accurate than Brenda’s balance meaning that his first and only measurement was closest to the true value of her balance. For example if these two were given an apple to weigh and the apple in fact weighed 13.58 ounces, Brian’s measurement would be closed to the true value than Brenda. Brian would get a
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Unformatted text preview: weight of 13.54 oz and Brenda would get a weight of 13.82 oz thus making Brian’s balance more accurate. 3. (a) In Part B we will make three weighings at least. (b) i. I expect for the grauduated cylinder to weigh slightly more in part five than when it was perfectly dry because they may be some precipitation left after dumping the water. It didn’t say to dry out the cylinder completely so I would imagine it would weigh more. ii. I plan on using the same analytical balance for all five weighings because that would lead to more accuracy and precision. If I use a different scale for one of the measurements the numbers may not make sense and be true to the experiment. Although it is unlikely, using a different balance may throw off the whole experiment....
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