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John Manley Chem. Lab Amy He 15 October 2007 Pre Lab #4 1. Metallurgy- the scientific study of the production of metals from their ores and the making of alloys having various useful properties. The basic steps in the production of metal from its ore start at preliminary treatment then reduction and then refining. This way metal can be made into products we use everyday. Thermite Process- Not Found in Book or online Percent Yield- this is the actual yield expressed as a percentage of the calculated yield. 2. Measurements in the lab report refer to certain masses determined to make the lab successful. Literature refers to molar mass calculated as found in the introduction and
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Unformatted text preview: procedure. Calculations refer to the mathematics involved in the experiment. Discussion is the area where the experiment is concluded and explained through a series of questions. 3. In Part A, we are going to melt lead into a liquid metal by placing it in a crucible and heating it up with a Fisher burner. We will then cool the lead by pouring it into water. We will finally dry and weigh the lead to see how it compares to it’s original weight. 4. Any problems involving stoichiometry or balancing equations would be relevant because in this lab we are dealing with compounds changing but physically and molecularly....
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