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-1Quiz 1 Study Guide: Music Terminology- Beat- basic unit of measurement for time in music Accent - strong beats (accented beats = strong, unaccented beats = weak) Meter -recurring pattern of strong and weak beats -duple: ONE two ONE two -triple: ONE two three ONE two three Syncopation - displacement of accents in the foreground rhythm away from their normal positions on the beats of the background meter (off beat) Tempo- speed of music (fast or slow) Melody- Syllabic- one note per syllable Melismatic- more than one note per syllable Texture- Monophony - single unaccompanied melody like “row row row your boat” or singing in the shower Homophony - -chordal homophony- all lines or voices share the same rhythm -melody + accompaniment- rhythms are different from one another Polyphony- imitative polyphony- melodies and rhythms are similar and follow each other successively (like a round) non-imitative polyphony- melodies and rhythms are different from each other (ex. Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ticking Noise) Modes - major = happy (ex. Frere Jacques) minor = sad Word Painting - musical illustration of text, matching music to the meaning of words (ex. Words like “fly” or “glitter” set to rapid notes, “up“ and “heaven“ to high notes) Cadenza- an improvised passage for the soloist in a concerto, or sometimes in other works. Concerto cadenzas usually come near the ends of movements. Basso Continuo-
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unique to the renaissance period, bass line performed by bass voices or low instruments such as cellos or bassoons *in Baroque music, the bass part is played by an organ, harpsichord, or other chord instrument Ground Bass- a short figure played by a bass instrument many times (aka basso ostinato meaning “persistent” or “obstinate” bass, playing repeatedly over and over) Recitative- speech-like, good for dialogue, moves narrative forward singing voice follows the free rhythm off highly emotional speech, reacting from moment to moment Aria- Song; singer takes center stage exploration of emotion, inner thoughts
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quiz 1 study guide.wps - Quiz 1 Study Guide Music...

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