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Quiz 2 Study Guide.wps - Music 27 Quiz 2 Study Guide Week 6...

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-1 Music 27- Quiz 2 Study Guide Week 6: Variations on a Ground Bass Listen to mvt. 2 of concerto in G, opus no. 12 Vivaldi Baroque Concerto- Usually consisted of three movements, first movement a bright, extroverted piece in fast tempo, second movement a quieter slower and more emotional piece, third movement fast again, if not faster than the third. First and last movements in Ritornello Form and second movement in ground bass form . Classical Symphony- Consists of four movements, First movement- in fast or moderate tempo Second movement - slow tempo and quiet mood Third movement - persistent dance rhythms, a minuet and trio Fourth movement - fast, may be in sonata form or more commonly a rondo. Sonata Form- Allegro-Adagio- Allegro assai Antonio Vivaldi ( 1678-1741 ) Composer of Baroque Concertos , known as the “Red Priest” when he entered the priesthood, employed by a Venetian orphanage for girls at the Semanario Musicale dell’Ospedale della Pieta in Venice, Italy for most of his life, near the end of his life, left Venice to permanently settle in Vienna. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( 1756-1791) Born in Salzburg, Austria , Mozart showed extraordinary talent at a young age, his first symphony was played at a London concert when he was only 8 years old. As a composer of the classical style, Mozart also wrote piano sonatas . Mostly the talent of young Mozart was displayed at courts and salons where a frivolous love of entertainment reigned at mid-century. For his adult life he started as a musician in the court of an archbishop but later left and set up as a freelance musician in Vienna . For his living he relied on teaching and the relatively new institution of concerts. He set up a concert for himself every year where he introduced one of his piano concertos.
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