EngM98T Week 6

EngM98T Week 6 - ← The culture could be mixed it’s not...

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EngM98T Week 6 13/02/2008 13:05:00 Dancing showed us about class status; sexuality; culture Why did people dance? A place where guys can meet girls; a good social pastime; body carriage,  gracefulness, promoting good carriage; exercise Problems with Dance: Taught by Frenchmen Promote immorality; a way for women to seduce men, gives women sexual  power For men, it was feminite Problems with Dance taught by French Dancemasters: They would seduce the girls
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Unformatted text preview: ← The culture could be mixed; it’s not a peaceful time between the French and England ← French Dancemasters are from the lowerclass; uncomfortable role reversal that threatens the stability of the class structure; it’s a lowerclass person teaching an upperclass person ← ← French Dancemaster Caricature (78) ← Weak body posture ← Disfigured face ← Skinny and feminite ← ← 13/02/2008 13:05:00 ← 13/02/2008 13:05:00 ←...
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EngM98T Week 6 - ← The culture could be mixed it’s not...

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