Lecture - November 9

Lecture - November 9 - History 121A Professor Sabean...

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History 121A Professor Sabean November 9, 2006 The Family and its Structure – Family, Women, and Youth and how it ties with Property Rural areas are very similar to urban areas, in terms of family; greater control of marriage * Young people could arrange marriages among themselves because the actions made by certain lovers were binding and they couldn’t get out of it; parental control had little effect to having control of marriage * In certain towns, as an artisan, you could only get married if you were a guild master and you had a workshop (this was carefully controlled so that the number of places in the town would be limited, therefore the number of marriage would be limited) * In the reformation, they tried to rule brothels out because they were trying to destroy prostitution (This would be impossible later on in the sixteenth century); brothels with married men would be considered adultery; therefore, brothels were for unmarried single men * The town tried to control the sexual part of the relationship; towns and rural areas were similar Family: The latin word for family = familia (dependence); ex: the people who made up of the familia were those who worked under the lord on the land, those excluded were the mother and the children; when talking about the house, they talked about the leader in the household (haus - German) Hausvater – the man of the house as the head leader Hausmutter – the woman of the house that is the leader * The house belonged to the head of the household * The concept of love is very close to the way we talk about loving God; the notion of fear that is awe/respect is fundamental to the notion of love
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Lecture - November 9 - History 121A Professor Sabean...

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