Lecture - November 7

Lecture - November 7 - History 127B Professor S. Frank...

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History 127B Professor S. Frank November 7, 2006 Emancipation of the Serfs: * Emancipation takes a range of reforms in order to be successful and effective * Severs the lords, the police, and the judicial powers of the state *1859/1860 – ideas of emancipation began * 1864 – designed to carry out tasks that the government could not carry out (institution) The reform created a Zenstvo: 1. City level 2. Provincial and local level * Elected institutions The nobility in these new institutions, remained less than satisfied because there was something missing in the new reform: a national level Zenstvo; some sort of Parliament Alexander’s government reorganized the government and institutions * Summer of 1870 – urban reforms * City council – Duma; elected by limited franchise with most of the urban populations excluded * Duma would elect a representative, a mayor * Many leaders of many political parties would have begun working in the Zenstvo; that’s where they get their political training Judiciary system * The old judicial system was swept away and a new one based on Westernized models was introduced * Introduced it as simple, symmetrical * A three tier court is put into place with no class privileges 1. Circuit court 2. Court of appeals 3. Supreme Court – based in the Senate * Trial by jury is also introduced; anybody from any social class including peasants and serfs; there are property exclusions; those with money started to buy their way out of jury
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Lecture - November 7 - History 127B Professor S. Frank...

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