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Lecture - December 5 - History 127B December 5, 2006 Vita...

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History 127B December 5, 2006 Vita had emphasized that they needed to strengthen the respect the sanction of property Weaken the whole and the communes and persuade of these communes to assume individual ownership of land 1903 – The gov’t abolished the system of joint responsibility of taxes, redemption dues, etc; under which the entire commune was responsible; if one person was not paying, then the whole commune would suffer In changing this, it would not be the group that would suffer but the individual instead These laws allow peasants to use their land convert their holdings into public and private tenure; takes the initiative and gives it from the commune to the individual peasant Methods of farming would change: 1. Division of land: broken up into strips and could be scattered everywhere (narrow and difficult to maintain) 2. Allow peasants to make an additional step: a. Declare that you are converting from communal to private tenure – the land that you have will be your own b. Consolidate your land One overarching goal: These reforms were “a wager not on the needy or the drunken, but on the sturdy and the strong”; hoped that over time an emergence of a new class, a country grower would exist Vita’s plan takes decades, perhaps generations; and it was also a gamble because these reforms were going to cause conflict and it did They had remarkable and immediate successes: majority of the peasants would had converted the most happened between 1907-1909 By 1915, approx 1/3 peasant household heads had filed for separation from their communes (they hadn’t converted necessarily) Only about 10% of peasant household heads actually completed the second step of
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Lecture - December 5 - History 127B December 5, 2006 Vita...

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