AA187C � Week 8 Lecture 2

AA187C â�� Week 8 Lecture 2 - AA187C – Week 8...

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Unformatted text preview: AA187C – Week 8 Lecture 2 28/02/2008 14:08:00 ← Decolonization and Anti-colonial Movements in the Pacific ← I. The United Nations A. Self-Determination B. UN Resolution 1514 C. Committee of 24 on Decolonization ← ← II. Decolonization Movements in the Pacific A. Official United States Position on Decolonization B. The Guam Congress Walkout of 1949 C. Hawaiian and Samoan Nationalisms D. Rice vs. Cayetano (2000) ← ← Keywords: Self-Determination, Guam Congress Walkout of 1949, Rice vs. Cayetano (2000) ← ← Decolonization – process of eradicating former colonial rule; occurred post-WWII ← ← United Nations - involves 50 independent countries; created on June 26, 1945; wanted to ensure that colonial societies three important rights: (1) self-government, (2) equality (equal rights), and (3) freedom of choice ← ← sought to ensure that every colonized country would be self-determining the UN attempted to guarantee that any countries under any colonial power, were given the opportunity to be a country that is self-determining ← ← Self-Determination – an idea that originally developed from philosophers during the European Enlightenment; they didn’t mean women, people of color, it was mostly for white men and the white patriarchy; concerns the rights of communities and nations to decolonize ← ← For the UN, decolonization has 3 options: ← 1. Independence from the colonial power; or full separation ← 2. Integration into the colonial power; or full inclusion (example – statehood) ←...
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AA187C â�� Week 8 Lecture 2 - AA187C – Week 8...

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