Lecture - November 2

Lecture - November 2 - History 121A Professor Sabean...

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History 121A Professor Sabean Lecture 11 – November 2, 2006 Popular Culture and Forms of Resistance Anthropologists approached things in holistic terms; they tried to look at a whole structure and see each culture as unique and understand the belief structures and the way people used things, behaved, acted and thought. Category of culture was a static idea; they didn’t allow a difference of opinions because they felt that culture was a united idea; they didn’t allow the resistance of power; there has to be space for conflict and understand those conflicts. Historians began to be interested in the culture of the broad masses and the broad features of a society, instead of the culture of the elite, the artists, etc. Socio-Historians: 1. The idea that people actually married early was based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet , a projection of literature. 2. Mortality rates for children were very high (40%) Understanding culture was brought into thought because of such things as marriage of adults, the concept of love; and also the child mortality rates, why it was so high? People began to ask questions about love, the problem of mortality, how to deal with it psychologically. There was a shift from social history to cultural history. The Problem of domination: * Dominant culture is a written culture; the culture of the subordinate classes was mostly oral. * Culture of the lower classes are observed and written by people in the process of
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Lecture - November 2 - History 121A Professor Sabean...

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