Lecture - November 2

Lecture - November 2 - History 127B Professor Frank Lecture...

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History 127B Professor Frank Lecture – November 2, 2006 Intelligencia of the 30s and 40s Emphasized the bringing of Western Socialism Harrickson – 1840s, brought a confrontation with reality * 1848 – Formulated his own ideology for Russian Socialism * Also looked upon the West as being in a state of decadence and decline * Saw Russia as a strong nation in the making; could arrive at socialism before the West and pass over the stage of the bourgeouis * Borrows the center piece of peasant commune * Brings socialism within the upbringings of other ideologies * Emigrates eventually out of Russia because of Nicholas I Not until the emergence of the new generation – optimism (60s and 70s) Could develop the core thoughts and focused ideas by this time Leave the debates and the next generation a basis for a foundation of ideology Prepared the groundwork for the revolution of the new generation and the reforms The news of Nicholas’ first death was anything but premature; feelings of relief and joy The passing of Nicholas and the coming of his successor Alexander II, came with feelings of hope and uncertainty; rumors of Alexander being more favoring of certain reforms – that Alexander was going to do something with serfdom, either protecting noble interest or liberating serfs without land Nicholas left his successor with a lot of problems, like the war. The empire was in crisis because of this war and was in need of changes Alexander confronts the same dilemma of his predecessors; that Russia had no group in
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Lecture - November 2 - History 127B Professor Frank Lecture...

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